No More Tears Project

Determined that one (wo)man CAN make a difference, Ms. Ali knew that it was time for her to take a stand for those whose voices are left unheard. She understood that it was time for her to help those who most of society ignores. She thought it was time for her to wipe the tears from those who were left crying. From this was borne, No More Tears.

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While our aim is to fund NMT through sales from So-Me, we understand not everyone wants to just buy our product. For those who would like to aid us more in our mission you can donate online by using paypal (no account required) or by mailing your donation to (make checks out to No More Tears Organization):

No More Tears, Inc. 10097 Cleary Blvd # 150 Plantation, FL 33324 Phone 954-324-7669

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Paul Leary, Board of Directors, No More Tears, Inc.

No More Tears is a 501(c)(3) non-for profit organization with a focus on helping immigrant women in the United States who are victims of spousal abuse. Many of these women are brought to America via arranged marriages and are scared to speak out against their oppressor due to the ramifications they will face in their home country or for the fear of being sent back. No More Tears works with these women in helping to provide them with legal counsel, financial assistance and psychotherapy. We help with these women in not only wiping away the tears, but also making sure that there are No More Tears!

No More Tears is partially funded by So-Me, a Socially Conscious Clothing company, uniquely aimed at intellectualizing fashion while not losing its stylish edge. The primary focus of So-Me is to raise awareness about human rights issues and take a stand against injustices universally.

No More Tears was a brainchild of Ms. Somy Ali. After living in a world of glitz and glamour, she decided to leave everything to complete her education. During this time, she realized that she must do something about the many injustices she had seen in her life.

Inspiration comes from many sources. One of the sources that affected Ms. Ali, was when she was writing, directing, and producing a documentary about Mukhtaran Mai. This sad, but yet inspirational, saga is just one of the thousands of stories that are the reason why No More Tears exists.