Audio/Video Demos


Paul widely know as host and producer from 91.3 WLRN-FM NPR Miami, Fort Lauderdale and WXEL (NPR West Palm Beach). Hosted numerous programs over 15 years. Also heard during The Met Opera on WKCP/WPBI, Classical South Florida Radio Network, among many other stations and shows in South Florida.

Morning Edition on WLRN Demo #1   # 2   # 3  # 4

Editing/Production Demo

Paul Leary TV Hosting Demo

PL WLRN Radio Demo

PL WXEL News Demo

PL Voice Over/Spots Demo     

PL Hosts Hour Radio Show (WXEL/Florida Forum)  

PL Hosts WLRN/South Florida Arts Beat

L&L Radio Show (Demo Public Radio Show)

Broadway Edition Radio Show on WLRN

PL interviews Charles Nelson Reilly